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New Century Doors uses BM Trada the market leader in Third Party Accreditation to Certificate its services and products.

New Century Doors is a BM Trada certified company for Fire Door Installation, Fire Door Maintenance and Composite Fire Door Manufacture

BM TRADA operates the Q-Mark product certification for construction products including Fire Doors. Product certification includes an initial conformity assessment and ongoing surveillance conformity audits including regular audit testing of product samples taken from the factory as part of the ongoing certification.

There is a legal requirement for manufacturers of fire doors to provide proof of the ability of their products to resist the passage of fire through the provision of test evidence. Whilst this demonstrates that the door meets the legally acceptable minimum standards, the BM TRADA Q-Mark fire door manufacturer scheme provides additional reassurance that our products are fit for purpose through on-going compliance to the original product specification.

BM TRADA Q-Mark enhanced security door scheme

Standard: PAS 24:2016 and BS 8529:2010 Composite

The Q-Mark enhanced security door certification scheme provides reassurance that our doors are consistently manufactured to a high quality that will satisfy Secured by Design standards. A fundamental performance characteristic of a door is its ability to resist forced entry. Poor or inconsistent quality in the manufacture of a door can result in its security performance being seriously compromised.

The BM TRADA Q-Mark enhanced security door scheme supports the testing requirements for Secured By Design (SBD), the initiative to reduce crime on housing developments by incorporating crime prevention measures at the design stage. Independent third party certification is a current requirement for entrance doors in all SBD developments. Certification in this scheme means we can show that our products meet stringent security standards and are manufactured to a consistent quality.

Secured by Desgn

SBD is a police initiative that improves the security of buildings and their immediate surroundings to provide safe places to live, work, shop and visit

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