Fire door investigation.

During 2018 following the Grenfell inquiry the MHCLG, Ministy of Housing & Local Government, has been undertaking an investigation into the fire door industry.

One of the main issues that has come to light is that the System houses have been testing composite doors from one side only but when looking at the Building regulations it calls for testing from both sides.

Our Fire Doors have now been tested from both sides.

There is now a legal requirement for manufacturers of fire doors to provide proof of the ability of their products to resist the passage of fire through the provision of test evidence.

For fire resistance testing, a test is undertaken to the performance standard for doorsets, which is either BS 476-22 or EN 1634-1. Building regulations currently permit evidence of performance to BS 476-22 but this will change soon once CE marking of fire doorsets becomes a requirement. For CE marking, only evidence of performance to EN 1634-1 is acceptable, our doors have been tested to 1634-1

M.H.C.L.G are also mandating, in their recent publication Annex A paragraph 5, that newly installed front doors to flats should also meet security requirements set out in Approved Document Q.6 which includes the PAS24 security standard. "It is imperative that doorsets are designed to meet all the relevant requirements in one package" i.e. Fire Door test evidence and PAS24 security standard.

BM TRADA is a UKAS accredited third party certification body. New Century Doors now has this third party certification from BM Trada for its Fire Door Installations, Fire Door Maintenance and Fire Door Manufacture.

Below see our doors being fire tested to EN 1634-1 from both sides in UKAS accredited UL Labratories, Germany. Achieved 40 minutes before the test was terminated


Below see our solid unglazed doors being fire tested from both sides at BM Trada. Achieved 55 minutes.


Below see our glazed doors being fire tested from both sides at BM Trada. Achieved 40 minutes.


Fire door designs and colours

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   Tudor Green        Regency glazed blue    Regency black      Cottage white          Tudor red

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